MI Response to Hate

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A Conference Presented by The Michigan Alliance Against Hate Crimes

and The Michigan Department of Civil Rights

with generous support from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Monday, October 24, 2016

MSU Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center

East Lansing, Michigan

For eight years, we have brought you to the table with award winning speakers and engaging programming. We have great things in store, including training, speakers, workshops, and opportunities to connect with community members from across the state. It’s all about bias prevention and response efforts statewide.

Who Should Attend

Local Community Response Teams; Legal & Judicial Community; Crisis Responders & Counselors; Diversity Trainers; Educators & School Administrators; Civil Rights Organizations & Advocates; American Indian Tribal Leaders; Faith-Based Leaders; Real Estate Professionals; Healthcare Professionals; Emergency Services Providers; Law Enforcement Professionals; Human Relations Commissions; Media; Social Workers & Therapists; and Victim Advocates


Program Schedule

7:30 AM………. Registration Open/Refreshments

8:30 AM………. Welcome & Morning Plenary

10:15 AM…….. Workshop Sessions I

11:40 AM…….. Luncheon Plenary

1:15 PM………. Workshop Sessions II

2:45 PM………. Closing Plenary

As in the past, there is no cost to attend for registered participants.

Free parking is also provided.

Workshop Sessions available

  • OVC TTAC: Mass Violence and Terrorism Technical Assistance Tool Kit – Released by the experts in 2015, this web-based toolkit is used to: assist communities in building their capacity to prepare for timely and effective responses to victims of mass violence and terrorism; provide the tools and resources for developing a comprehensive victim assistance plan, which can be incorporated into/added to the community’s existing emergency response plan; and develop a victim assistance plan that serves to support and enhance response and recovery efforts.
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  • Darnell Blackburn: Emotional Resiliency – Understanding Unconscious Bias: An exploration of the unrecognized bias we all have that can inhibit our ability to connect and communicate effectively with communities and victims who are facing incidents of hate and bias.
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  • Fair Michigan Justice Project Panel: a collaborative effort between Fair Michigan and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, this unit focuses on homicides and other capital offenses committed against members of the LGBTQ community. The FMJP employs a Special Prosecutor, a Special Investigator, a Transgender Outreach Liaison, and a Clinical Therapist. Each staff member has been specially trained to deal with issues which are essential to cultivate a relationship with the community and to effectively investigate and prosecute hate crimes committed against community members.    The unit investigates and prosecutes newly committed crimes as well as  “cold” cases where witnesses or LGBTQ community members have been reluctant to come forward.  The networking ability and outreach of Fair Michigan assists in reaching potential witnesses and resolving difficult cases. (morning session only) Additional Information
  • Brenda Naomi Rosenberg, Hate 2 Hope Harnessing the Power of Tension. Join Brenda and learn how it is possible to:  Transform the tension between police and community; Build trust; Create diversity and inclusion; Frame a new path in Criminal Justice/Social Work education and job placement: High School – University/College – Police Academy – Law Enforcement.  Experience first-hand the transformational tool of the 4 step Tectonic Leadership process-a paradoxical approach that uses the power of tension to build alliances.
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  • Pardeep Kaleka: Serve 2 UniteIn the wake of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shooting on August 5th, 2012, Serve 2 Unite emerged in a spirit of defiance. The hate behind the murders was met with an ongoing practice of fearless, creative, compassion. Rooted in the principles of service to others and relentless optimism in the face of adversity, Serve 2 Unite today engages young people of all backgrounds to value humanity and the aspiration of living a genuine, honest life as a peacemaker. Additional Information
  • Police-Community Relations Panel: Community Engagement Best Practices Join issue, law enforcement and community engagement experts in a lively discussion of how and how not to build relationships in trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. (afternoon session only)

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