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MDCR provides Outreach and Education activities in collaboration with governmental units, community-based organizations, law enforcement, advocacy groups, educational institutions, and the private sector.

MDCR makes these sessions available to a broad spectrum of audiences, typically from 20-50 people, in as little as two hours.  We can tailor the session to a special event or conference/workshop, work it into your busy work day, or help you find additional partners to host the event at an off-site facility.

We can also help you develop collaborations, networks, and partnerships, and can provide technical assistance and deal with crisis intervention activities.

Available On-site Training Presentations Include:  

General Civil Rights Building Cultural
Competence (BCC)
Disability Law
Sexual Harassment Police-Community
Relations Training
Hate Crime 101
Bias Motivated
Crime Law
Webcast Training
Series Includes:
Monday Morning
with MDCR
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